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(Each Backyard Oasis DVD runs from 15-30 Min)
Fish Selection DVD
Learn from a fisheries biologist, the proper techniques of fish husbandry. Everything from the spawning of koi and goldfish, to selecting the next prize for your pond.
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Pond Maintenence DVD
Got a pond, but the water just doesn't stay clear, plants won't grow, fish keep running away? Learn how to properly care for your pond, plants and fish. This informative DVD shows you how to enjoy you pond, not fight it.
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How to Design & Build a Water Feature
Aimed at educating contractors and home owners alike. Has topics on: pond location, design ideas, step-by-step construction techniques, how to choose plants and around the pond. This 2 hour DVD is a great informational tool
This DVD covers all the aspects of building a waterfall without a pond. Over 1 hours of valuable information to educate home owners and contractors on the ins and outs of building pondless features.


How to build a Livingpond
Follow along as we create a great looking backyard pond that you can enjoy for decades. 20 Minute DVD
How to build a Pond Free Waterfall & Stream
Create a low-maintenance water feature that soothes and entertains. 17 Minute DVD



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