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Pond Filtration Product Summary Page
Click on the pond filter of your choice for specific information, images and pricing.

Filter Media
Name Description
Price Range
Bulk rolls of filter media that you can cut to your specifications.
75.00 to 125.00
Polyester filter material sold by cubic foot
14.00 to 235.00
Flat strapping embossed on both sides to create surface area for bacteria
37.00 to 45.00
Plastic bio-balls are a great type of media for all type of filters
28.00 to 210.00
Mesh bags holds all types of media
6.00 to 16.50


Name Description
Price Range
Atlantic Filterfalls The Ultimate Biological Filter for your garden pond! Extra wide spillway enhances the waterfall and aerates the water.
109.00 to 659.00
Atlantic Fastfalls Waterfall spillways easily add a waterfall or a stream to a new or existing water feature. Fastfalls & ProSeries Fastfalls
59.00 to 320.00
The first lighted weir specifically designed for water features. A great accent for formal retaining walls and pondless applications. Shimmering hues in white, red or blue will add breathtaking new dimensions to any water feature. Basins & Kits also available FREE SHIPPING
171.00 to 1020.00


Price Range
Pondmaster 1000 & Pondmaster 2000 Filters. Media included. FREE SHIPPING
66.00 to 115.00
Includes pump, filter, filter media fountain head & fittings. FREE SHIPPING
90.00 to 205.00
Great Filtration at an affordable price. Easy to use and versitile. Available with or without a UV light. FREE GROUND SHIPPING
248.00 to 980.00


Savio Logo 
Name Description
Price Range
Livingponds Filters™ Livingponds Waterfall & Versatile Filters maintain superior water quality with simplified plumbing and maintenance. FREE SHIPPING
Waterfall Weir ™ Waterfall Weir may be used to create a beautiful waterfall at an affordable price.
92.00 to 202.00
Savio Springflo Bio-Filter Media. FREE SHIPPING


EasyPro Logo  
Name Description
Price Range
AquaFalls The AquaFalls biological filters not only help keep your pond sparkling clean, they also serve as a great start to your stream or waterfall. For ponds from 1200 gallons to 15000 gallons
210.00 to 885.00
Submersible Pond Filter. Provides both mechanical and biological filtration. FREE SHIPPING
Pressurized filters. Ideal for pre-formed ponds and other small water features needing effective filtration with minimal investment. FREE SHIPPING

165.00 to 435.00

EasyPro Waterfall Spillways are a unique modular system than can be built to fit your particular application. The only expandale waterfall spillway on the market!
82.00 to 510.00
Stainless Steel Spillways are available in 3 sizes and even have an optional LED Light Strip that can be added. FREE SHIPPING
215.00 to 385.00
The universal waterfall diffuser is a fast and easy way to create professional looking waterfalls Optional copper attachment is ideal for building formal features in block walls. FREE SHIPPING
96 to 130.00


Aqua Ultraviolet Logo
Price Range
Ultima II™ The Ultima II™ Bead Filter with "Cyclonic" backwashing is not made to compete...but designed to replace other filters. For ponds up to 1,000 gallons to 20,000 gallons. 2" Multi Port Valves on all units.
481.50 to 1899.00