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Skimmer Extension Tube
Makes your pond look much more natural by moving the skimmer box away from the pond!
This 24" long extension tube allows the skimmer to be placed back from the edge of the pond. This will allow for planting between the pond and skimmer making it easier to hide! Extension tubes can be bolted together to create longer extensions if needed.
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EasyPro Skimmer Extension Tube
Model #
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SETS Extension Tube
for mini & small skimmers
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SETL Extension Tube
for large skimmer
114.00 Add to Cart

Fish Floss Filter Media is ribbon type material commonly used in the AquaFalls pond filters. Pond owners have found that Fish Floss is better than lava rock since lava rock is high in mineral content and is very heavy. Fish Floss is a flat strapping that is embossed on both sides creating additional surface area for bacteria. Fish Floss Media is lightweight, will last indefinitely and has no effect on water quality. One box of Fish Floss Filter Media will fill two mesh bags included with the AquaFalls.
Fish Floss Filter Media
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Fish Floss
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Bottom Drain Kits - Helps keep your pond cleaner!
Fish waste and other muck that accumulates on a pond bottom can be easily removed by a bottom drain. Ponds that are over 2' deep can become stagnant without a bottom drain. This bottom drain is installed under the liner. Flex PVC pipe carries the water under the liner to the skimmer box. A bulkhead fitting is installed in the skimmer. A PVC male adapter connects the flex PVC to the bulkhead fitting. A valve is placed inside the skimmer box to control flow. When the pump is turned on, water will flow into the skimmer through the skimmer faceplate (surface water) as well as the bottom drain. You can control how much water goes through the top and bottom inlets with the valve on the bottom drain. The kits contain bottom drain, bulkhead fitting, valve and fittings. Does not include PVC pipe.
Bottom Drain

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2" Bottom drain kit
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BDK3 3" Bottom drain kit 208.00 Add to Cart

Bottom Drain with Air Diffuser
3" bottom drain with diffuser all in one unit. Circulation created by air diffuser, increases the amount of debris removed by bottom drain. Increases oxygen level in the pond. Bottom drain has 6 stainless steel screws and 2 rubber gaskets for a positive seal when penetrating liner. Connects to 3" PVC pipe and fittings. Air diffuser is set up for 1/2" tubing. Air diffuser recommended air flow of 1/2 to 2 CFM.
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3" Bottom Drain with Air Diffuser
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Brass Fill Valves
These heavy duty brass fill valves are available in a variety of sizes with flow rates over 100 GPM. Ideal for use in skimmers, vaults and the water fill box for maintaining water levels in many different applications. Brass body and brass rods are far superior to normal plastic fill valves. WFS37, WFS50, & WFS100 come with plastic float but an optional 4" x 5" copper float is available. WFS only available with copper float.

Box Style Fill Valve
This durable fill valve is ideal since the float is contained inside the valve box. No chance of damaging unit when lifting pumps in or out of the skimmer. Delivers up to 245 GPH at maximum of 55 PSI. Includes fitting to connect to 1/2" vinyl tubing. Fits in small or large skimmer.


Overall Length
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1/2" Economy Brass Valve
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1/2" Brass Fill Valve
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1" Brass Fill Valve
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1-1/2" Brass Fill Valve
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4" x 5" optional copper float
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BFS Box Style Fill Valve  
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EasyPro Skimmers - New revolutionary design allows you to choose between a vertical filter mat or filter brushes.
EasyPro Skimmer Extension Tube - Makes your pond look much more natural by moving the skimmer away from the pond!
EasyPro Bottom Drain Kits - Helps keep your pond cleaner!
EasyPro AquaFalls - Have an inlet hole on each side of the filter. Use the one that's most convenient for your incoming water!
EasyPro Mini AquaFalls - Mini-sized filter for small ponds up to 1500 gallons, one piece design.
EasyPro Pumps - Popular for use in fountains, waterfalls and decorative fish ponds. From 2900 to 5900 GPH.
EasyPro Pond Kits - Have everthing a Do-It-Yourselfer needs to build a beautiful, long lasting water feature!

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