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Skimmer Extension Tube
Makes your pond look much more natural by moving the skimmer box away from the pond!
This 24" long extension tube allows the skimmer to be placed back from the edge of the pond. This will allow for planting between the pond and skimmer making it easier to hide! Extension tubes can be bolted together to create longer extensions if needed.
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EasyPro Skimmer Extension Tube
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SETS Extension Tube
for mini & small skimmers
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SETL Extension Tube
for large skimmer
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Fish Floss Filter Media is ribbon type material commonly used in the AquaFalls pond filters. Pond owners have found that Fish Floss is better than lava rock since lava rock is high in mineral content and is very heavy. Fish Floss is a flat strapping that is embossed on both sides creating additional surface area for bacteria. Fish Floss Media is lightweight, will last indefinitely and has no effect on water quality. One box of Fish Floss Filter Media will fill two mesh bags included with the AquaFalls.
Fish Floss Filter Media
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Fish Floss
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