RV Leak Prevention Kit

Don't get caught paying $1000's for an RV Roof replacement that you can prevent!

There are a few simple and inexpensive steps you can take to protect your RV roof from failure. There are two places on the RV roof where the majority of leaks occur: on the front roof detail and the back roof detail. Don't be fooled by cheap repair schemes. They will only give you a short-term solution, and you will be back in the same boat sooner than you think.

When RV roofs are installed in the factory, the epdm roofing membrane is glued down to the wood deck and the metal or fiberglass RV shell is pulled over the rubber, fastened with a metal bar and secured with screws. Caulk is then applied over the bar and screw heads to keep from leaking. The problem: Caulk is only a temporary solution! It does not give you long-term protection. We offer an Economy Leak Prevention Kit and a Premium Leak Prevention Kit. Some RVs may require additional caulking. Additional caulk may be added at checkout.

Economy RV Leak Prevention & Repair Kit
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Premium RV Leak Prevention and Repair Kit
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