Atlantic Filterfalls

Enjoy the beauty of a natural falls in your waterscape with Atlantic FilterFalls. Beyond creating the visual and aural qualities of a waterfall, FilterFall units provide biological water filtartion and aeration. The water cleaning properties of Filterfalls' Bio-tech mats and media help establish a balanced ecosystem for plants and fish to thrive in. FilterFall units are designed to be easily camouflaged with natural materials and easily accessed for routine maintenance.
Biological filters remove suspended solids, convert toxic ammonia and nitrates to harmless nitrates and aerate the pond. Atlantic filterfalls are designed to be able to expand filter capacity as ponds age and fish grow. Efficient removal of toxins and floating particles from the water column improves water quality and clarity.

Atlantic BF1600 FilterFall
Code: BF1600
Price: $299.99
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Atlantic BF1900 ProSeries Filterfall
Code: BF1900
Price: $440.99
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Atlantic BF2600 Filterfall
Code: BF2600
Price: $538.99
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Atlantic ProSeries BF3800 Filterfall
Code: BF3800
Price: $855.99
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