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Pond Treatments

Pond Treatments help ensure a balanced pond, free of unwanted chemicals. It's easy for a pond to get out of balance.

Causes include:·
• Initial pond start-up.
• The addition of pond plants or fish.
• Unusually warm or cool weather.
• Leaves or other debris entering the pond.

Pond water should be mildly alkaline with pH in the 7.5 or 8.0 range. Test pH every two weeks and add the proper pond treatment to correct any imbalance.

The toxic waste level, resulting from excretions by fish and other wildlife, can build up in the form of ammonia and nitrite. Test for toxic waste every two weeks. To help reduce toxic waste, add some fresh water to dilute the toxic waste level. Then add the proper pond treatments to reduce fish stress and kick-start the natural biological toxic waste breakdown cycles.

Fish, aquatic wildlife and some plants require oxygen to live. Good water movement is essential for an adequate level of oxygen in the water. This can be achieved by running a fountain in the pond. In addition, a category of aquatic plants called oxygenators can be added.

Prevent excess organic waste build-up by adding a sludge reduction pond treatment. An appropriate sized filter should be used in the pond to trap suspended particles so they can be easily removed from the pond.

A stress free environment is essential to fish health, as stress is a leading cause of fish disease. Maintaining high water quality is the key to maintaining low stress.

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