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Pipes, Valves and Fittings
Pipes, valves and fittings are the workhorses of your pond and are readily available at most hardware stores. The right pipes, valves and fittings can dramatically improve the efficiency of your pump.

deliver water where you want it and they protect underground electric lines from deterioration or cuts from a wayward spade or other tool. Although copper might seem like the best choice for carrying water, plastic is better in a pond. Unlike copper and other metals, plastic isn't toxic to plants and fish. It is easy to cut, simple to assemble and won't corrode. If your plan calls for nonflexible pipe, look for rigid PVC. For other applications use flexible corrugated plastic pipe. It bends around corners and other obstacles without using additional fittings. However, it will not make sharp 90-degree angles without an elbow. In most ponds, 1/2 inch to 1-1/4 inch pipe and fittings will be sufficient. If your project requires moving large amounts of water, use 1-1/2 to 2 inch pipe.

Fittings are the joints of the water supply system. They connect the parts, pumps, pipes and filters. If you want your pump to run both a waterfall and a fountain you can put a fitting on it to pump just the fountain, just the waterfall or both at the same time. Other fittings allow you to make the liner watertight where piping passes through it. There are three types of fittings.

Solvent Fittings, also called slip fittings, require a solvent to join them together. They are more complicated to use than other fittings. Use them with rigid PVC pipe. All surfaces need to be clean and dry before applying solvent to the pipe.

Threaded Fittings, those that screw into place are easy to install even when wet. Use them primarily with rigid pipes. Make threaded fittings waterproof by winding pipe-wrap tape around the threads before assembling.

Barbed fittings, also called push-in or compression, just push together. They are used with most kinds of flexible pipe and need a stainless steel or plastic clamp to keep them secure. They're inexpensive and simple to install.

Commonly used fittings:
Reducers: Allows you to change from one size pipe to another. Larger pipe moves more water faster because it creates less back pressure and less friction.
Adapters: Used to join two different types of pipe or two different fittings, such as a solvent and a threaded fitting.
T-piece: Joins three pieces of pipe. Often used in a pump line to move water to both a waterfall and a fountain.
Couplers: Used to join two pieces of pipe of the same size into one longer piece.
Elbow: Changes the direction of a pipe and the water flow. Available in 90 and 45 degree turns. To reduce friction, use two 45 degree elbows instead of one 90 degree elbow.
Bulkhead: Attaches to the side of a water feature. Allows pipe to pass through the liner or wall without leakage. Not available as a barbed fitting.

Valves control and divert the flow of water. You can use a valve to shut off the water supply or to adjust the rate of water flow, split a water source to two or even three separate lines and outlets or use it to open up a line to drain the pond.

Commonly used valves:
Ball valve: Best used to turn water flow off and on quickly. Not as useful for fine-tuning the water flow.
Gate valves: Use to restrict or increase flow. Minor adjustments are easy to make. Can be used as an on-off valve but is slower to operate than a ball valve.

Check or one-way valve: Keeps water flowing in just one direction, ideal where you need to prevent backflow. Useful when power fails or is shut off to the water pump.
Two-way valves: Allows you to do several things with the same valve; shut off the water, control the flow to a fountain head or open up a line to drain the pond.
Float valve: Turns water off and on depending on the water level in the water feature. Reduces the chore of adding water during hot weather.

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