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Pond Liner Installation
1. After selecting the pond location in the yard, outline the desired shape with a garden hose or spray paint. Before excavating, decide on the depth of the pond.  After excavating, smooth the bottom of the pond with the shovel and clear any foreign material. If embedded rock is discovered, spread sand (2" to 3" deep) with the shovel evenly on the entire bottom of the pond. Place the Geo-Pad Underlay in the bottom of the pond.
Illustration 1

2. Take the pond liner out of the box and place it unfolded on the ground. Unfold the liner on the ground next to the pond and allow the sun to help smooth its folds and creases (15 to 30 minutes).  Drape the liner loosely in the pond.  You may have to place several large stones around the top of the liner to secure it.  Slowly fill the pond with water. You will be able to pull and tug liner as the pond fills to help work out any folds. creases or wrinkles.
Illustration 3

3. Let the liner settle as water is added.  Instead of cutting excess liner, we recommend digging a trench and burying excess liner. Then place your decorative stones or landscaping materials around the outer edge. Add desired chemicals such as dechlorinator, water conditioner, and beneficial bacteria.
Illustration 2

4. Finish placing stones or landscaping around the perimeter of the pond. R Approximately 48 hours after completion of the pond, add plants and 72 hours after completion, add fish.
Illustration 4

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