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The Typar Biobarrier root and weed control system manages roots through the slow, controlled release of Trifluralin, a non systemic herbicide that has been used in food crop production for more than 40 years. Nodules containing Trifluralin are through-injection-molded to 4 osy, durable Typar Geotextile fabric, creating a continuous chemical and physical barrier aginst roots without impeding the flow of water, air or nutrients. Roots growing into the zone of inhibition are stopped, not just redirected, encouraging the plant to send energy to umimpeded ares of the root system, promoting heathyl plant growth.  

Typar Biobarrier used as a Root Control System

Used vertically, the biobarrier root control system protects adjacent strcutures from root damage. Guaranteed protection for 15 years. It reduces the chance of injury and potential liability, as well as the cost associated with preventative maintenance and damage repair.

Tree roots seek out air and moisture in the soil causing expensive damage to underground infrastructure, septic lies, municipal pipes, swimming pools and more. Biobarrier's unique geotextile design lends it the flexibiltiy to surround infrastructure, extending the life of your investment by providing protection from root damage.

Typar Biobarrier used as Weed Control System

Installed horizontally below 3" of stone/wood mulch, the Biobarrier weed control system blocks weed establishment using two layers of defense: chemical and physical. Guaranteed for 10 years, weeds are unable to develop a strong root system in the mulch layer while ornamental tree and shrub roots expand umimpeded below the Trifluralin emitting fabric layer, eliminating unwanted competition and maintenance costs.

Root Control Width - Inches
Building Foundations
Burial Vaults/Tombstones
Drain Lines
Golf Greens/Tees/Paths
Planting Beds
Retaining Walls
Roof Gardens
Septic Tanks/Fields
Swimming Pools
Tennis Courts
Underground Pipes/Cables
Underground Storage Tanks
Utility Substations

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Typar BioBarrier 24" x 100'
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Typar Biobarrier 39" x 102'
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Typar BioBarrier 58.5" x 102'
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Other widths and lengths available. Please call or email for information regarding any other sizes not listed above.

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