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Pond Pumps

Pond Pumps are a vital part of any pond and water garden. We carry a large selection of pumps for most applications.

Ecosub & Ecovort Pumps
Leader Pumps Multi-purpose submersible pumps for ponds, waterfalls, drainage, emptying and many other applications.

Stainless Waterfall Pumps Ideal for use in fountains, waterfalls, streams and other pond applications. Designed for long life and continuous duty operation.
Mag-Drive Pumps EasyPro Mag-drive pumps are super quiet and energy efficient pumps.
Pump/Filter/UV Combo Pump Combines pump, filter, uv and even fountain into one complete unit. Ideal for small ponds.
Pump Accessories Pump Screens, protectors and intake filters

Mag-Drive Pumps Pondmaster Magnetic Drive utility pumps are suitable for statuary, fountains, ponds or aquariums. 35 gph to 2400 gph
Hy-Drive & Waterfall Pumps Hy-drive pond and waterfall pumps are ideal for larger ponds and waterfalls.
Mag-Drive Waterfall/Skimmer Pumps Designed specifically for use in medium to larger pond applications
ProLine Skimmer Pump Continuous duty pumps designed for use inside a pond skimmer to move volumes of water silently and efficiently.

Fountain Pumps Sized to fit even the smalled applications, these pumps still deliver big performance.
Mag Drive Pumps Magnetic drive pumps are the perfect choice fot the small water feater with low head heights.
Tidal Wave Pumps A great choice for medium to large ponds.
Stainless A-Series Built for the highest head, high volume applications.

Water Master Solids Solids handling pumps can handle suspended debris and spherical solids up to 1.5" diameter.
Water Master Clear Water Master Clear pumps are designed for use in skimmers. Great for streams and waterfalls.

Cascade Pumps PerformancePro cascade is a high efficiency, industrial grade external pump. Ideal for you pond, water feature or general recirculation needs.
Artesian2 Pumps External pumps specifically designed for ponds, waterfalls and aquaculture. Self-priming pumps that work properly even when mounted above water level.
Artesian Pro Pumps The pump you need for your higher flow applications. It delivers great flow rates at useable heads.