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Pond Filters and Pond Filtration Products

Pond Filters are an important part to most ponds and water gardens. They will help remove debris and biological waste from your pond. There are 2 main types of filtration used in water gardens. Mechanical filtration refers to the physical removal of debris by materials that trap large and small particles. Biological filtration  is where your system provides a place for beneficial bacteria to grow on special media. The system focuses the growth of bacteria. These bacteria remove harmful pollutants,through a natural process, from pond water. Most successful pond systems have a varying degree of both mechanical and biological filtration.

Filter Media

Pond Filters

Waterfall Filters are biological filters that not only help keep your pond clean but can also help create a stunning waterfall display.

Pressurized Filters are ideal for smaller water features that want good filtration at a minimal cost.

Submersible Filters are a nice option for smaller ponds where external filtration is not an option.

Bead Filters are professional grade filters designed to run with external pumps. Great for ponds with heavy fish loads.
Ultima Bead Filters

Aqua UV Ultima Bead Filters