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Pond Construction Product Summary Page

Pond Liner Repair & Splice Supplies
EPDM Pond Liner Supplies Tape, primer, patches, pipe boots and other supplies required in the seaming or repair of EPDM pond liner.
Polyethylene Liner Supplies H50 splice and repair tape. Pipe Boots
PVC Liner Supplies HH66 vinyl adhesive

Waterfall Foam Black Waterfall foam sealant used to fill cracks between rocks to prevent water from being "lost" over the waterfall.
Silicone Sealant Black Silicone Sealant ideal for uses where a water tight seal is needed. Great for skimmer faceplates and waterfall lips.
Sealant Kit A combination of most common items needed to install/seal waterfalls and ponds.

Pond Tubing
Flexible PVC Black Flexible PVC tubin. Sch. 40
Spiral tubing Kink-free tubing sold in 25' increments

Fittings & Drains
Fittings Sch. 40 Fittings, valves and adapters for all your pond construction needs
Drains Bottom Drains and bottom drain kits
Fill Valves Various styles of auto fill valves and valve boxes