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Reinforced Roofing is an internally reinforced cured EPDM Membrane single-ply roofing membrane that features a 9x9, 1,000 denier polyester weft inserted reinforcing scrim. 45 Mil

Preparation of Substrates:
• Substrates must be clean, dry, smooth and free from sharp edges, fins, loose or foreign materials, oil, grease and other materials that may damage the membrane.
• All roughened surfaces that could damage the membrane shall be repaired as specified to offer a smooth substrate.
All surface voids greater than 1/4" (6.3 mm) wide shall be properly filled with an acceptable fill material.

Method of Application:
Reinforced EPDM Membrane must be installed in accordance with current specifications, details and workmanship requirements. It can be used in ballasted, full adhered and mechanically attached systems.

• Store away from sources of punctures and physical damage
• Assure that structural decking will support the loads incurred by material when sotred on rooftop. The deck load limitations should be specified by the project designer.
• Store away from ignition sources as membrane will burn when exposed to open flame.

• Take care when moving, transporting, handling, etc. to avoid sources of puncture and physical damage.
• Isolate waste products, such as petroleum products, greases, oils (mineral and vegetable) and animal fats from the Membrane
• Refer to MSDS for safety information.

LEED Information:
Post Consumer Recycled Content 0%
Post Industrial Recycled Content 0%
Manufacturing Locations: Prescott, AR

Physical Properties

Test Method
Minimum ASTM Performance
Typical Values
Thickness, min:
ASTM D 751 0.040 in (1.016 mm) 0.040 in (1.016 mm)
Coating over Scrim or Fabric
ASTM D 751 0.015 in (0.381 mm) 0.015 in (0.381 mm)
Breaking Strength, min
ASTM D 751
(Grab Method)
90 lbf (400 N) 240 lbf (1068 N)
Elongation, ultimate, min
ASTM D (Die C) 250% 475%
Tearing Strength, min
ASTM D 751
(Tongue Tear)
10 lbf (45 N) 60 lbf (267 N)
Brittleness point, max
ASTM D 2137 -49°F (-45° C) -65° F (-54° C)
Ozone resistance, no cracks
ASTM D 1149 pass pass
Heat Aging: ASTM D 573    
Breaking Strength, min
ASTM D 751
(Grab Method)
80 lbf (365 N) 275 lbf (1223 N)
Elongation, ultimate, min
ASTM D 412
(Die C)
200% 300%
Linear dimensional change, max
ASTM D 1204 +/- 1.0% -0.7%
Water absorption, max, mass %
ASTM D 471 +8%, -2% +1.8%
Weather resistance:
visual inspection
ASTM D 518 pass pass