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Safety Guidelines

If you are planning an in-ground pond, call the phone, cable, gas and electric company and ask them to mark buried lines. Avoid digging in those areas! Cutting through a utility line with a spade or backhoe is extremely dangerous! You could also cut off your whole neighborhood's power!

All pumps are powered by electricity, directly from a conventional circuit or through a transformer attached to the main electrical supply. The pump system must be protected by a circuit breaker and a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The GFCI will cut off the electrical supply instantly should the system short-circuit or become damaged. Use only switches or cable connectors that are safety-approved for outdoor use. Cabling must be approved for underground use or protected by a conduit. It should be attached with waterproof connectors, above water level, if possible. Please switch off pump and all related equipment before handling!   

Also, take into consideration how much digging you can do when planning your water garden. Adjust either the size of the water garden by the amount of digging you can do alone. Digging even a small pond is not a job for a person with a history of back pain or heart problems.

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